Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Homemade Popsicles {Performance Pops}

 Wow!  It has been HOT around here!!  I like warm temps but this is not for me and the baby! The kids have been able to enjoy the heat a little but I worry about them overheating.

So, I found a neat way to keep the kids hydrated and keep having fun at the same time!

We make "Performance Pops"!!

Basically, we make our own popsicles using a natural sports drink.  

They kids go nuts for this stuff and I don't have to worry about the sugar in popsicles and this stuff keeps them hydrated better than water alone.

(The Olympic Athletes even use this!) 

We just start with empty popsicle containers and a container of Performance.  (We have orange flavor today but we like Lemon Lime too!)

Then we make add the Performance powder to water.

(I added extra powder here because it tastes so good!)

Then, I add the drink to the container and put them in the freezer!

It's so easy and the kids love helping me make them.

They keep checking to see if they are ready yet, lol!

Then they get to enjoy and natural, hydrating popsicle that they made them self!!

It's a WIN-WIN!!  Everyone is happy!!

The kids love the taste and I love that it keeps them hydrated with all the bad stuff! :)

What ways are you staying hydrated this summer?

Enjoy the heat!

Have a great day!


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