Friday, July 27, 2012


Our corner hydrangea bed is in full bloom. 

This bed consists of three Endless Summer plants and three Nikko Blue plants (along the chimney and under window).

This little guy is not a hydrangea at all, but he scampered by while I was taking pictures. We call him Peter Rabbit although he is wild so we won't be dressing him up in a cute blue coat.  

The Endless Summer hydrangea are a mix of colors. Some are pink. 

Some are a light lavender. 

Some are a mix of blue and lavender. 

This collage shows the variety in the Endless Summer blossoms. They are in their third growing season (planted as one gallon pots). 

Here is another Endless Summer example. 

And one more. 

The Nikko Blue have a more consistent hue from blossom to blossom.

Their view in the early morning light. 


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