Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pressure Washing your House Naturally with Basic H

2011 06 26_5893

Well, it was that time of year again, the time where we need to pressure wash our house again.  We usually do it once or twice a year.  Since we live kind of close to several ponds, we get a LOT of bugs!  It makes our house look like a haunted house a year, lol!

I wanted to share this post with you because several people have asked me what I use to wash my house.  You will probably not be surprise that I use Basic H for this.

I upgraded to the large bottle this time since we have been gardening and for the fact that we go through this stuff more than most people.  I even bathe my kids in it.  Oh yes,  now you think I am totally crazy!  Don’t you?  Well,  I wasn’t even go to tell you that but I started telling some friends and they loved that idea and was so glad that I told them.  Ha, I was embarrassed by that and yet, it makes sense.  It is organic (so it won’t harm us),  it cleans my kiddos (I do use it too) and it cleans the bath at the same time.  I have NEVER had to clean soap scum in my bath!!!  NEVER!!!!  Which is nice because I don’t have time to do that anyway and then I don’t have to worry about chemicals left around the tub and then the kids soaking in them.

2011 06 08_5570

Anyway, back to this post.  This is what I used…

2011 06 26_5844

I also used our pressure washer that we got on clearance last fall for $100.  If you are looking to get one, hopefully clearance will start soon!!

2011 06 26_5853

This is what our house looked like before…I told you it was nasty!

2011 06 26_5846

We (I mean my husband, lol) just put some Basic H in the pressure washer and got to work.  It took of ALL the disgusting stuck on bug poop too and that stuff is was caked on and is usually hard to remove!

2011 06 26_5884

Here is another before.

2011 06 26_5847

Ah, much better! 

2011 06 26_5885

Gross before.

2011 06 26_5848

Clean after.

2011 06 26_5886


2011 06 26_5856


2011 06 26_5892

Here is a photo of my hubby at work!  What a guy….Thanks 

2011 06 26_5874

The kids played outside while he worked.

2011 06 26_5869

He didn’t have to scrub at all.

2011 06 26_5875

It was worth the work!!!

2011 06 26_5883

I love not looking the like haunted house anymore!

2011 06 26_5887
2011 06 26_5888

Way better!  We should of done this a while ago!

2011 06 26_5889
2011 06 26_5891
2011 06 26_5890

2011 06 26_5893


2011 05 08_4458
I am a happy girl!  Now I just need that rose bush to come back 
to life, lol!

2011 05 08_4460

So, that’s how we wash our house chemical free!  Oh, we also saved a whole lot of money by doing this ourselves and by using Basic H.

Do you wash the outside of your home?

How often?

Do you hire someone?

Do you need to clean your outside again?

Are you looking like the haunted house of your neighborhood?

Do the bugs like your house or stay away?

Have a great day! :)


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