Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sail away in Scandinavia!

Ahoy there! Just back from a wonderful sailing trip with my man and two little girls around the Skaelland coast (home to Copenhagen) in Denmark. I wish these pics were of me on my boat, but admittedly I look, shall we say, a little more wind swept! But we did have beautiful sunshine, do have a lovely boat and although the Danish coast isn't mountainous like this, it is very pretty, so I feel very lucky all the same! 

Picture bottom right: Matt Albiani. All other pictures: Pinterest (sorry for the poor crediting, if anyone can help me with the source I'd be really happy!)

My favourite stop of all was a little island called Nyord, it was so idyllic with old wooden beamed beach cottages and honesty shops on every corner selling everything from locally grown vegetables, rhubarb jam to mustard from the nearby mill and locally produced shampoo and conditioner.

If you fancy sailing the beautiful Swedish South coast and the Danish East coast give me a shout as we charter our yacht, and would of course give a very favourable rate as well as lots of itinerary tips to all my wonderful blog readers, simply because I'd love you to explore this area by boat too!


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