Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Whether you just found me today or have been reading this blog for years, you probably guessed that I heart Shaklee!!! One of my favorite things about Shaklee's Get Clean line is that it saves our family hundreds of dollars each year!  (My hubby loves that too, ha!!)

Did you know that they are even less expensive than dollar store cleaners?  Yes...really!!!  It's true!

Amazing, huh? 

I use that extra money I am saving on cleaners to buy my kids the best supplements on the market and feel like it's a WIN WIN for everyone!

If you are asking yourself how do you get a window cleaner for a penny, it's by making your own with Basic H!!  I LOVE Basic H and have been using it for 13 years!

Here is why...

You can clean so many things with Basic H, it's kinda crazy!!

Here are some more comparables for ya...   

If you haven't taken the plunge and ordered your own today, order yours now.  Then let me know how you like them here.

What is your favorite thing about Get Clean? 
Bonnie :)


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