Monday, August 20, 2012

Beautifully renovated workers cottage

Today it was 30 degrees in Southern Sweden - THIRTY! Which I think calls for inspiration from a cool, airy, home.  This 19th century workers cottage in Queensland, Australia, featured in Remodelista, is the fabulous home of photographer, stylist, buyer and seller Kara Rosenlund. Kara and her husband lovingly restored and renovated the home back to it's former glory adding a unique contemporary touch. Beautiful, and perfect for a lovely sunny day (just watch out for the pineapples.....)!

Photography, renovation and stylins: Kara Rosenlund, via Remodelista

For a great read about this home visit Remodelista (thank you so much to the guys at Remodelista for allowing me to publish these lovely images :)  

Have a nice evening!


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