Friday, August 24, 2012


An extra soap-making workshop will be held on Friday 28th September 5 - 9 pm £50 per person - these are great fun and everyone gets a go at making four different soaps using luxurious ingredients! Olive, coconut, castor and jojoba oils are all combined with caustic soda solution and essential oils to make fantastic soaps, perfect for gift giving! These will be ready for Christmas....a kilo of assorted soaps, all ready to be cut, wrapped and gifted by you!

Another popular gift idea is container candles made in vintage teacups or glass sundae dishes! We're getting the wicks and oils out again on Friday 5th October 6 - 9 pm and Saturday 13th October 2 - 5 pm £25 per person - we usually make two container candles in this time but we're also going to make some Pine Cone Firelighters (as seen in A Green Guide to Country Crafts) in anticipation of those wintry evenings, these also make wonderful gifts, try wrapping in hessian for a rustic gift idea!

As one regular visitor to HH HQ said 'I want to come and do it all again! By the time you've bought all the ingredients you may as well come and do it here....and it's much more fun!' I can't argue with that...

Book by calling in to HH HQ or by emailing through the contact us link on

Thanks to Victoria at Framlingham Books for noticing that I hadn't put up the details for these....:)

Nic x


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