Friday, August 24, 2012

How to use Command Strips

Hello!  I have been hearing all about these Command Strips so I asked my friends on Facebook what they though about these while I was at Target.

This is what they said...

You can see by the response that people really like them, so I bought them!
Then, I made my husband get to work, hehe!!

There were more steps than I thought.  First we had to rub everything with Rubbing Alcohol. 

Then, we added the strips.

This is the wall "before".

We used 4 strips for this picture.

Here is the other wall.

After we put the strips on, we needed to hold it down and then wait an hour to hang it.

My husband said that he would of rather used a hammer and nail, lol, but I like that there are no holes to fix.

Here is the after!  

I love these photos that we had done during our Florida trip.

Have you used Command Strips?  

How do you like them?

Bonnie :)

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