Friday, August 10, 2012

Need more time? (guest post)

Ah, working moms and our time... It’s often a crazy relationship between the two. Bottom line, there just isn’t enough time in the day to be successful at work and at home especially if you happen to work FROM home. We are constantly pulled in 10 different directions. Thankfully, I’ve called in reinforcements. My good friend Sarah Finks.
Sarah believes that when working women handle their time, it allows amazing things to happen in the world. She says that time isn’t the enemy; it’s literally a creative tool. To create the kind of life you want. To create the kind of WORLD you want. Sarah teaches working moms how to get a handle on their time, so that they can use it like the powerful tool that it is. And if this sounds like something you can use, she’s offering a live training call:
[divider] “The Art of Juggling:  How to Find Two Extra Hours In Every Day So You Can Rock Your Career and Relax at Home” on August 14th. Register NOW for this no-cost training[divider]
Find out:
  • Why most working moms have trouble dropping the emotions around daily hassles, and how you can create action from inertia.
  • A simple strategy that will help you determine how and when to delegate an activity or simply let it go. Just this strategy alone can open up hours in a day.
  • Why it is important to ensure everyone in the household contributes to the daily tasks. And simple ways to get your family involved.
  • How to create a daily routine that includes sacred alone time for mom. Tired of hearing about a “morning ritual” to center you? When you have kids this is impossible. Well, unless you want to wake up at 3am. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered.
  • The three different reasons for your exhaustion and what you can do to combat them.
Click here to register now for the Art of Juggling (it’s FREE!) What I love about Sarah is that she’s brass tacks. She’s a lovely person who shares all kinds of great content. But she’s really nuts and bolts about strategizing your life. Starting with your time. So, I highly recommend that you check her out. Especially if you want to start rocking your career and relaxing at home. -BonnieP.S. Sarah teaches simple tools that help working moms get a handle on their time, you can really begin to relish your children, and watch your career soar. Sign up now for the Art of Juggling (there’s no cost)


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