Friday, August 17, 2012

Popsicle Stick Fun

Hello! :)  Can you tell I have been busy, lol?  Yes, no time for blogging lately and I am okay with that!  Besides, going to Vegas for Shaklee's Annual Global Conference, I have been growing my Shaklee business and spending the last weeks of summer with my kiddos!  Oh yeah, and trying to sell our house, ha!  So, you can see, if I want any sleep at all, blogging had to go on the back burner. School starts next week and I have 20 posts in the drafts that I need to edit so stay tuned.  Until then, I am on Facebook daily.  Please connect with me there.

Alex, from Crafting with My Cubs has a treat for you today!  She is totally awesome and I finally "met" her while in Vegas!  She is just about the sweet girl ever.  

I'm Alex from Crafting with My Cubs, back again on Bonnie's awesome blog. Over the summer I spent a week at girl's camp and I was in charge of putting together a craft/service project for our girls. Unfortunately, due to the hot weather or the fact that they're 15 year old teenage girls, not many participated fully. As a result I came home with TONS of extra Popsicle sticks. 

I was putting them away when this idea popped back into my head. I remember playing with these as a kid, don't know when or what the occasion was, but I figured my little boy would have a blast.

I was right!

These are so easy to make. Start with two sticks and make an upside down V.

Put a third stick in the middle of that

Then slide one up about half way, with the two sides on top and the middle stick beneath. (or vise versa, just alternate)

Lastly, use one last stick that alternates opposite of the previous and this will secure the 'ninja star'.

Now toss them at the ground and watch them pop apart! 

They're pretty much harmless and the mess is easy to pick up. My little man has been having fun with these for the last couple days and just giggles and giggles when they explode!

Thanks so much Alex! :)  

Go check out her blog now!! 


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