Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Swedish country style with a modern twist

I love the relaxed country-style vibe of this home from Swedish interior magazine Hus o Hem. If you look closely there are so many interesting features such as the painted chequered kitchen floor, vintage tins used as plant pots, 'Dalarna' horses in frames, hats hung on the walls and used as decoration and a pallet on wheels used as part of a modular sofa. Soooo much inspiration!

Hus o Hem, photography: Lina Ostling via 79 ideas.
Thank you for the great 'guest room tips' you gave me yesterday, I did my best to follow as many as possible (I'd love to come and stay if that's how much you pamper your guests!):

Habotai:  Fresh flowers and a scented candle
Jen Magazines and books about cookery, gardening and interiors etc.
Erin A card with the wireless internet password and fluffy towels
Kelly A tray with mints. water, snacks, alarm clock and slippers

Tonight we're going to enjoy a slice of Swedish tradition with a mini Crayfish party at home, maybe minus the schnapps - or is that boring of me?!!


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