Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cleaning Your Wood Floors

Good morning! :)  My friend, The Tipster, just started a brand new website and wanted to post here to share some cleaning tips!!  We all love cleaning tips, right?  She is here today to sharing cleaning tips for cleaning wood floors.

Take is away Tipster!

I love wood floors.

wood floor  

  But, at some point you have to clean them. How? Water and wood don’t mix well when it comes to floors. Water can leave marks. You know how a wet glass leaves rings on a piece of wood furniture? Even laminates can bow and buckle.  

 Use water sparingly! 

 Steam cleaning and wet mopping your wood floors may damage them.

mop with water

do not steam clean

In a past life, I was in floor covering.  It’s possible to ruin your floor washing it. I’ve seen floor planks that have bowed. It’s unlikely that the flooring manufacturer or insurance company are going to replace a floor damaged by cleaning methods. Cleaning  

Sweep the floor with a stiff bristle broom.        

Check the care information that came with your floor. The manufacturer or distributor probably recommends a product.   Or, do as I do, and damp mop with a nontoxic cleaner.   If I’m just cleaning a small hall, I’ll clean the floor down on my knees with a cloth, but you probably won’t do that for a large area!
ocedar dust mop
This is an O cedar dust mop, and the wonderful thing about it is that the removable machine washable cover is microfiber. You don’t have to use this brand, it’s for demonstration purposes.

Wet the cover or a cloth with plain water. Wring it out as dry as you can. Put the cover back on the mop. Spray a mild cleaning product on the floor in a ‘manageable’ area at a time.  

 I use Shaklee’s Get Clean Basic H2, diluted to the multi-purpose formula. It’s safe for you and the environment, effective and 
BasicH2SprayBot_lo_rezeconomical. One 16 oz. bottle of concentrate makes 48 gallons of this formula!   Experiment with size of the area you do at a time. 

You don’t want the cleaning product to dry before you damp mop it. Also, periodically rinse the cover or cloth well and wring dry. You don’t want to be just pushing around dirt!     

Job well done!

Thanks so much Tipster for all your cleaning tips! :)  Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to wait to see what else you blog about!

Have a great day!

Bonnie :) 


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