Monday, September 17, 2012

Home Tour: Master Bath

Hello, hello, hello!! :)  How are you doing?  How was your weekend?  Today, I am continuing my House of Grace Home Tour.  

Today is our Master Bathroom.

There is nothing too exciting about this room except that it is really clean and simple.  I LOVE that about it. :)

We have nice soaking tub which we LOVE!! :)  We actually use it all the time and the kids love it too!

I wanted to keep is simple because I need the space to spread my make-up all over the counter, lol!

I really enjoy having 2 windows in here because the lighting is amazing and when they are open, it gets a breeze.

I bought this cute little mirror for $5 at a garage sale.

Our house didn't come with a medicine cabinet so we just added a mirror. 

I added some flowers for a spa like feel.

We don't really use these, lol!

We love having a private room here. ;)

So, there you go!  

Our simple master bathroom!!

What do you like about your master bathroom?


Have a great day,



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