Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mommy Blogger

I'm not actually sure what defines a Mommy Blogger but I guess I identify with the term these days. Although I try to post on the house as much as possible, it's not always easy to highlight new things as we haven't really updated much around here since my last trimester of pregnancy (when I spent a great deal of time reclined).

What I have done is to eat, sleep and breathe our babies. They are my life, my loves, my everything. They are my favorite topic, and the focus of our existence. Our days are busy as you can imagine and most of the time, the only moment I have to hop on the computer is at night, when the house is asleep. 

Being limited on time has also unfortunately affected my ability to always respond to comments, for which I've wanted to apologize for some time. I read each one and often think about them throughout the day. But no matter the dialogue I have with everyone in my head, I often don't get a chance to write it down.

Mike took some pictures of me with the babies recently, which was a treat. Usually, I am the one holding the camera. I included a couple of the photos at the top of the post.

Though I think if my Mom saw these, she'd wonder aloud if I combed my hair before taking the photos... It is funny because I haven't had an official hair-cut in a long time (could it be a year?). My mom has been cutting it during her frequent visits from California, despite the fact that she hasn't cut anyone's hair since she herself was the mother of two little ones.

This is me back in those days. My mom recently told me that my dad and she used to sneak into our bedrooms at night to cut our bangs. Hearing that was an ah-ha moment for me, as it explains why our bangs were always so sloped and/or crooked in all of our pictures. 

Hmmm...I see a pattern here. This is my brother and I, and although we are not twins, my mom used to call us Irish twins as we are only a year apart. We grew up with a lot of matching outfits that my mom would sew herself. 

Matching jumpers. 

Here it is in the wee hours again, so I must end and go to bed! Because no matter how late I stay up, the babies always awake nice and early!


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