Monday, September 24, 2012

My home: kitchen blackboard wall

I'd been thinking about painting one of our kitchen walls with blackboard paint for a while. Hardly a new thing I know, but still these things take time in my home. And after lots of encouragement in the comments section from you guys we finally got around to it. As promised, here are a few pics of our new wall....and me enjoying a very rare minutes peace (planning my next project? mwah ha ha haa, don't tell man)! 

All pictures: My Scandinavian Home Blog
In case you're wondering where anything's from here's a bit of an 'I spy': Blackboard paint by Flugger. Second hand industrial lamp; I think it's Louis Poulsen but I need to get this checked. The pretty pink flower is a 'Gloriosa' and the green plant is a Fig. The footstool is BEKVÄM by IKEA which I've painted in mint green. Oh and my beloved sheep skin rug is from a farm in the North of Sweden.

Just one little thing worth noting - while we were painting we realised it was best to leave a border at the top of the wall and also on one of the edges leading out into the rest of the room - definitely worth thinking about if you're considering painting one of your walls in a strong colour.

Oh and I am wearing a veeeeery cosy new knit from TopShop which I can warmly recommend for blustery Autumn days like today!

Eeeek, hope you like the result, always nerve racking posting my own pics (plus it could take quite a few layers to paint over it again)! Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


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