Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Perfect blend: rustic/ industrial/ contemporary

After 8 years in Sweden I thought I knew how to deal with the long winter; leave the country when the snow arrives! If you travel to the Canary Islands or Thailand around early spring you're bound to be surrounded by tanned Swedes stocking up on some much needed sun! But this Autumn I noticed something new-  everyone's heading off now too. A holiday in September presumably to soften the blow of the end of the summer. Since I have missed the boat (litereally) I'm mentally transporting myself  to this stunning home in Spain by architects / property developers Abaton (via 79 ideas) instead. It has just the right mix of Spanish rustic, industrial and modern designer elements to really soften the blow of the impending winter.

Abaton via 79 ideas
I spy Tom Dixon again in the form of the Beat Lights (just goes tp show how versatile Tom Dixon lights are - yesterday the Copper Shade Pendant looked at home in a retro style home, today the Beat Lights look fab in a contemporary minimalist home. The Wegner Wishbone Chairs also blend in beautifully. I could certainly see myself celebrating the end of summer here, could you?

Do you have any winter survival tips?!


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