Saturday, September 8, 2012

Project Transform {Take the Challenge Today}

Good morning!!  How are you today?  Any plans?  
Today, we have a guest post by one of my personal friends, Claire, who blogs at Claire's Healthy Home!

Claire is so amazing!!!  She is so caring, loving and helping...and a whole lotta fun!!!  She loves life and is on a mission to help women and families.  I admire her and her goals in life.  
Please welcome Claire...

Join me for a healthier YOU (and me)!

project transform
Since traveling the road the last 2 months, I have gained 5 pounds. Last fall I lost 15 pounds and went down a pant size and kept it off until the big life change.  So sad and disappointing.  Not to mention I still had a goal to lose some more inches!  Sooooo I am at the point of NO MORE waiting!  I am ready to tackle it and gain back my healthy body and increase my strength and energy. 
I have a BIG dream of helping 50 people change the health of their lives before the year is over. Could that be you?  Could that be your family? Could it be someone you know? Are you (or someone you know) tired of feeling tired, have no energy, in debt, feel like you have no time, eat horribly and are just plain ready to be done with it?  I am learning for myself and my family that

little changes can have BIG impact. 

Are there changes that you and/or your family have been saying you need to make to be healthier?  What are you waiting for?  I get overwhelmed with this sometimes.  Pick just ONE area of better health to achieve in the next 4 months and

I promise you, your life will change.  

Here are some examples that come to my mind:
~ Stronger/ More Muscle
~ Thinner/ Leaner
~ Wealthier/ Debt Free
~ Stronger Immune System/ Less Illness
~ Chemical Free Home
~ Better Nutrition
~ Schedule/ Routine

Last year my hubby and I worked hard to become Debt Free and create more wealth!  Our Why was so we could travel the US with our kids and spend more quality time together as a family.  It took a lot of hard work to achieve that and a whole lot of BELIEF!  

My next Transformation Goal is to be 25 lbs healthier! 

So to make it more fun, I am inviting YOU to join me in what I am callingProject TRANSFORM.  (it’s more fun with a group name!)
To achieve the success of my previous goals, I needed accountability.  Others around me to cheer me on and encourage me. I need YOU!
I also need a specific action plan.  We will talk more about this soon!

90% of success is simply doing it

Be goal specific….how many pounds will you lose, how much debt will you pay off, how much muscle will you pack on, switch out ALL toxic cleaners, etc.  Then BELIEVE and increase your personal development.  Read books, watch videos, hang out with like-minded people (like us!)
So, I don’t know about you….all I know is I am ready to feel better and have more energy!

Join me for a healthier YOU!  Let’s Make it HUGE!  Who will join me in the Challenge?

NOW – December 31

Answer these 3 questions in the comments and LET’S GO! 

Step 1:  Why do I want to Transform?

Step 2:  What do I want to Transform?

Step 3:  How do I want to Transform?

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Here are a few stories of people I know that have TRANSFORMED their life! 

“I was suffering from neuropathy caused by Diabetes.  After 6 month on VIVIX my neuropathy symptoms are gone and just look at the difference!” ~ Mike

Vivix testimony

‘After 25 days, I have lost 5.5” off my body!!’ ~ Connie

“My husband and I have paid off over $39K in 13 months!” ~ Erin

So excited to have each of you along! I cannot wait to hear YOUR story too.


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Thank you so much to Claire!!!  She has already inspired so many people and she has motivated you too!  What is your biggest challenge?  What would you like to transform???  I would love to know.  I am going to start running again.  I am going to sign up for some races to keep me going.

Have a great weekend!

Bonnie :)


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