Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A pretty Toronto home

I was leisurely scrolling through all my favourite blogs - trust me this takes a long time - and I came across this beautiful apartment on 79 ideas. It's the Toronto home of Nikole Herriott, 50% owner of the father-daughter company Herriott Grace, featured in Covet Garden. Hand on heart - this is my idea of the perfect apartment - light, white with a touch of history and individuality. The dining table is what I've been looking for the past 3 years too.


Covet Garden Via 79 ideas

Pretty home?

I am so happy to see so many people have already entered my blog Give-away! I've loved reading all your comments and wish you could all win! There's still time left to enter so please do stop by here if you fancy a chance of winning a Pappelina rug.

Have a lovely afternoon!


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