Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Danish design inspired by Nordic nature

Today I'm inspired by the Danish design company by nord where sustainable design is at the centre of everything they do. Designer and owner Hanne Berant says  by nord design is 'inspired by the raw yet beautiful Nordic nature where the rough and gentle meet'.

by nord
Quite a lot of inspiration to take from this - obviously the sustainable nature of their work, but also from a visual perspective, using a picture over the sofa which looks like a window, scribbling on the wall (although my handwriting is so awful it would look like lots of squashed spiders) and the wonderful black and white moodboards.

And also, if you have guests coming around for supper and you haven't got any pretty flowers you could just nip out and collect a few autumnal branches as a centre piece - they're free too. genius! Definitely the autumn tip of the day.


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