Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dear man, can we move please?

You may recognise this home. It's been in countless interior design magazines and extremely popular in the blog world. In fact, I've even shown it on this blog. But there's a difference. This time it's for sale (how they can bear to part with it I have no idea). And as a result this Southern Sweden home has been shot from numerous new angles (as you can see I had a very difficult time selecting a few ....!). The owners have completely rocked the white with vintage look, are masters at colour and material mixing and to top it all have added a heart stopping morrocan twist.

Valvet via SF Girl By Bay

Help! I've just spent the best part of an afternoon wondering if I could up root to this home in Arild. It's a beautiful coastal village further up the coast here in Skåne and actually just down the road from my father-in-law.....I even sent the link to my man's work e-mail with the subject 'we're moving...'! haha! what do you reckon, could you up sticks here?!


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