Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Pics

Happy Halloween!

To be completely honest, I am not a Halloween girl. 

I LOVE the fall but I am not into the witches and goblin kind of stuff.  

We do go trick-or-treating and the kids love that.  

We only for a couple of blocks and then give out all our candy.  

I always buy the "good candy" from Trader Joe's and the kids eat that instead.  

I hate all the sugar and artificial crap the put in stuff.  

Kids do not need that junk!

They actually have no problem swapping out candy.  We do it every year and they are used to it.

Do you go trick-or-treating?

How do you feel about the holiday?

How do you feel about all the candy?

What did you do tonight?

I wanted to share some photos of our night with you!

Grace was a sailor girl!  (I couldn't believe all the inappropriate girl's costumes in the stores.)  I thought this was cute and modest a different than the usual "princess" that she has been the past couple of years.

Michael was a Star Wars guy and Matthew was a little rocket.  He freaked out when we found that costume because currently he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.   

And Andrew was a little monkey!!  I just love when babies are animals!

Baby's first Halloween!

 Matthew was always the last one to get the candy! :(

The kids loved racing house to house!  

He also got easily distracted. Lol!

We had our cousins come over and trick-or-treat with us.

I bought costumes for us to dress up but we ended up not using them so I will just save them for next year.  Did you dress up?

Yup, the candy is still there....just checking though!

One of our neighbor's had a jumpy out and were handing out hot dogs and hot chocolate!  They are so nice!!  

Andrew loved his stroller ride!

The kids loved everything!

Trying to catch up!

Happy Halloween!

After we went out, we came back home for chili and hot apple cider!  We ate with our cousins and talked with them until 8 or 8:30, did homework, got ready for All Saint's Day tomorrow, read books, and put the kiddos to bed!

Scott is studying for a mid-term tomorrow for his MBA so I decided to hop on the computer to catch up a bit.

What did you do tonight?

Bonnie :)


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