Monday, October 22, 2012

Yvonne Koné's black and white home

Hej! Hope you had a a lovely weekend? My family and I went on a trip to Söderåsen nature reserve. The trees all looked like they were on fire in shimmering shades of gold and red. aaaa, so beautiful. Today's inspiration comes from the Danish home of Yvonne Koné photographed by Line T Klein and styled by Stine Langvad for Elle Decoration DK. It has been deliberately photographed to show a beautiful black and white starkness, however in real life form I like to believe it has some soft, cosy blankets and warm lighting and a slow-cooked stew bubbling away on the stove.

Home Yvonne Koné, Photography: Line Klein, Styling Stine Langvad via Feel Inspired
Looking at the immaculate nature of the home (and most homes shown on here) it begs the question - are people really as tidy as this?! I had a chat with some friends about this the other day and we all concluded that our biggest 'untidy habit' , shamefully, was dropping our clothes on the bedroom floor at the end of the day. I know I'm doing it because I think 'I really should hang this up....but!' Eeek! Do you have a messy habit you can't shake?!

Oh is the last day to enter the Pappelina rug give-away. We'll be anncouncing the winner here and on Facebook & Twitter tomorrow at 16.00....there have been so many great entries I wish you could all win!


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