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Friday, November 30, 2012


Talán végre lesz egy csodás, fagyos-havas, ködös nap... :)
Maybe there will be a wonderful, snowy, foggy day... :)

Soft pastels and bold brights in Malmö

It's the weekend - woohoo! Before I dash off I wanted to share this apartment which is currently for sale here in Malmö. It's in Rörsjöstaden which is packed with beautiful buildings from the late 19th /early 20th century. What caught my eye the most is the pretty sitting room, I love the colours in the cushions and the mix of art on the wall. Another interesting thing about this home is how it starts off all white and soft pastels and then suddenly, the home office /creative room takes on an entirely different colour scheme altogether........


Any thoughts on why this happened?! I have some theories....:)

Do you have a running colour theme through out your home or do you switch according to the purpose of the room?

Right folks, time to head home. I'm so happy that it's finally OK to let loose all the Christmas decorations!

A small reminder too - don't forget to take a couple of seconds to enter my give-away if you haven't already.

Have a fab weekend all!


Sources on my Pinterest

Thursday, November 29, 2012

DULUX 2013 / DULUX 2013

A tegnapi nap folyamán az alábbi sajtóközlemény érkezett a postaládámba a Dulux által választott 2013. év színéről, amit szívesen publikálok felétek.

A 2013-as Év színe vizuális támaszt nyújt hektikus életünknek. Az indigó egy mellbevágó szín: kultúránkban a bölcsességgel és az őszinteséggel társítják, ezekkel az értékekkel járul hozzá a környezethez, amelyben megjelenik.

Az Év színe 2013

Powder Room Tour

Hello! :)  Thanks for stopping by today and for reading my blog!!!  It truly means a lot to me.  Let's stay connected on facebook!

On to my house tour!  Today is nothing fancy, just my powder room.

We did a couple of updates since buying our house.

We added granite countertop.  We had this done at the same time as our kitchen.

We painted this room, Capilano Bridge by Benjamin Moore.

I made the curtain myself.

We also added crown molding the ceiling. 

We added a new sink and foucet.

This is our downstairs powder room and we really like how it turned out.  The sink is my favorite!!

Well, that is it!  It is simple and functional! 

What color do you have in your bathroom?

What is your favorite thing about your bathroom?

Have a great day!

Bonnie :)

Homeschooling & Realistic Expectations

I just wanted to share a small snippet of wisdom I received years ago that has helped me have a realistic expectation toward myself as a homeschooling mom.  When I participated actively on Sonlight Forums (which helped me greatly as I was getting acclimated to homeschooling), a more experienced mom shared this:

She told her husband he could come home to any 3 of the following:
  • a clean house  
  • clean, brushed, bathed, dressed children 
  • educated children 
  • a hot meal 
  •  a "willing" wife 
But he could only pick 3 per day.  :D  I love that.  I can do it all, but not in one day. 

And many of us have other things to fit in too... perhaps you are in a situation where you have to fit in some part time hours of work, or language learning (lessons, study, & practice) several hours a day, or maybe you have an aging parent or grandparent that you care for.  

Mama, BE GRACIOUS toward yourself.  Give yourself the gift of realistic expectations, knowing you CANNOT DO IT ALL, ALL AT ONCE.  Rely on God.  Do the things you can do.  And don't feel bad or take on guilt from magazines, from Mrs. Perfection at your church, or from some false set of expectations thrust on you from another person.  

Do what you can do, and don't feel badly that some things fall through the cracks. The world will go on spinning if the bath gets skipped for today or if the dishes sit on the counter overnight.   Rest.  Trust.  And choose joy as you "do the next thing."

(***In case anyone is wondering what it is, the picture is of my 6 year old and 4 year old helping me brine the turkey for Thanksgiving, in a refrigerator drawer.***)

The Carbon Dioxide Trick

I picked up a rather neat trick for growing indoors back when I had my hobby greenhouse.  Plants and humans work opposite.  Humans breath in oxygen and respire carbon dioxide whereas plants use carbon dioxide and release oxygen which is why we need plants in our home for healthy indoor air quality.  In my quest to heat the greenhouse the first year, I came across a tip to use a propane heater

The pretty Danish home of Tine K

Gooood morning! I often feel Danish interiors have a  distinct style; simple, clean but with the perfect hint of relaxed bohemian. This is the pretty home of Tine K of Tine K Home in Funen, Denmark which she shares with her husband and three children. Built in 1834, the house was photographed by Jenny of Black Balloon shop and blog.  I love the way Tine has decorated her home with rustic wood furniture against the white, soft grey hues and sharp contrasts of black.

Jenny of Black Balloon
I am postively drooling over the rustic dining table and stools! Could you imagine this home all decked out for Christmas?! Hint hint Tine K! :)

I'm having a luxury morning in a cosy café around the corner from my home with my laptop and a latte machiatto. Now that's what work should be like! What are you up to today?

(If you haven't made plans yet - don't forget to enter my exciting give-away!).

Have a lovely Thursday!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Calling all Decor8 fans!

I imagine most of you are familiar with Holly Becker's amazing Decor8. Well if you're a fan (and really, how couldn't you be?), you will be excited to hear about her new book Decorate Workshop!
I am happy to be a part of the Decorate Workshop Blog Tour, which will feature reviews of Holly's Decorate Workshop by several different bloggers.

Monday, November 26 – Poppytalk 
Tuesday, November 27 – Sacramento Street and A Creative Mint
Wednesday, November 28 – Hooray and Design For Mankind
Thursday, November 29 – Decorology and Bloesem
Friday, November 30 – The Curated House and Design Muse

Monday, December 3 – Simply Grove and In Honor of Design
Tuesday, December 4 – In My Own Style and This is Love Forever
Wednesday, December 5 – Mom Inc. Daily and Knack Studios and This is Glamorous
Thursday, December 6 – Justina Blakeney and Mint
Friday, December 7 – The TomKat Studio and Down and Out Chic

  "In Decorate Workshop, Holly Becker shares all of the design secrets that have made her one of the most beloved bloggers and stylists today. A companion to the international bestseller Decorate, this interactive guide takes readers step by step through her unique eight-step process. She shares her personal design philosophy and explains how to carry a vision into a finished room, from the early paint swatches to the final accents. Readers will learn how to identify their style, create mood boards, outline a schedule and budget, source materials, and start decorating! Filled with expert tips, important checklists, blank space for making lists and plans, and 250 photographs of gorgeous interiors, this is an essential planner for home decorators, whatever their budget."

- via Chronicle Books

Holly will also be doing a blog tour in 2013, so make sure you check in at Decor8 to learn more.  You can read all about it here.

I've included a small sampling of some of the great tips and eye candy that you will see in the book...
(Click on each image for a LARGER view)

This would definitely make a great gift for any design lovers on your Christmas list...including yourself!

Edible Plants Suitable for Indoor Gardening

A couple of days ago I wrote about the concept of a continuous harvest by growing an indoor garden.  A wide range of vegetables can be grown indoors year round.  The choice for fruits, on the other hand is a bit more limited.  Many herbs can be grown indoors as well.  Unlike growing outdoors, the indoor environment is a controlled one.  All the necessities for healthy plant growth are controlled

Let the Christmas decorating begin!

So maybe some of you have already started your Christmas decorating, but if you are like me, you might still be looking for some inspiration. Here's what I've gathered for some ideas this year.

 Silver and mercury glass accents are definitely a sophisticated, polished look.

So cozy! The garland over the mantle is cute and something I haven't seen before.

I am always drawn to ornaments and decorations in non-traditional colors, so I was instantly drawn to the purple in this room.

LOVE this room!

1-2. Ideal Home, 3-6. Country Living

Christmas; Norwegian style

Hello! I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the first day of advent this weekend! On Saturday my family and I will head out to a special sustainable wood here in Skåne where we'll chop down our own Christmas tree (celebrated with a steaming glass of glögg!). To get into the spirit I thought I'd share some Norwegian Christmas decorating ideas from the home of the extremely talented Nina at Stylizimo blog.

Photographs: Stylizimo

I really love the simplicity of Nina's decorating ideas and am a big fan of white at Christmas. What about you - do you prefer white or cosy red? Or perhaps something bold like neon even?!

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming a new sponsor - The Reclaimed Flooring Company. This fantastic company offers unique flooring that is 'crafted by man, designed by nature'. Honestly, they sell my dream surface; unique wood flooring that tells a story and the passing of time written in each and every grain and knot. And the good news? They ship worldwide - yay!

PS Thanks to all of you who have entered the big give-away so far!

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons.

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons.  
~Author Unknown

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