Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas wrap up

The advent candles are burning, the tree's up, and the house full of sparkly Christmas decorations and the scent of glögg. There's only one thing's time for a little gift wrapping. This year I love the Christmas present wrapping inspiration  from Cox & Cox.....

Cox & Cox
Last year I used shiny white wrapping paper with red ribbon and a sprig of fresh holly from the garden complete with bright red berries for my presents. The holly was a bit spiky but hey, it looked pretty!! I always try to do something different every Christmas and I haven't decided what it'll yet this year but I do like the idea of natural coloured paper with some greenery like fir or boxwood.

How will you wrap your presents this year?

PS I had my first little interview the other day, thank you Lottie Loves for including me on your lovely blog!


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