Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My home: kitchen star

Hello! Well can you believe it, it's still snowing?! And my Mum called me from London this morning all excited as it's snowing there too! ('What's all the fuss about?' I hear you guys North of South Sweden asking?! haha!). Today I thought I'd share a couple of pics from my kitchen. I have a bit of a black, white, light grey and wood theme going on. And of course a star for a touch of Christmas.

My Scandinavian Home
The mat on the floor is a traditional Swedish Tasmatta  (rag rug) which are handwoven on a loom using strips of recycled cloth.  Believe it or not, Swedish friends, I bought these two rag rugs in Jysk! I love that they have strips of silver cloth mixed in with the weave.

The tray is the Bricka Plattan by Barbro Tryberg.

Have a lovely day!


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