Friday, December 7, 2012

Outside House Tour

My house tour "old house" is almost done! LOL!  I wanted to finish this up before I move on to the next house.  You can stay updated here.

Here is the outside of our house!  We chose a cream color siding with a black roof and black shutters.

The door was painted brick red.  I love the traditional colors!

I love the front porch!  We chose not to have the railing so we can have more room and see better.


We can just sit and watch the kiddos play!

We added a walkway to the patio so the kids could ride their scooters and bikes to the back yard.  We also had a fence put in to keep them "locked in"! We need that with 4 little ones.  

Here is the backyard.  Nothing too fancy but it was homey and the kids loved the backyard!!!

We had the landscape professional designed (by my Aunt) and did all the work ourselves!!  I absolutely love trees and plants and we couldn't wait watch them grow.  After a few years, they came in nicely!!

We added this cute little bench in the back.

Our patio was one of my favorite things because we hung out there all the time!

We ate almost every meal outside during the summer!  Why not?  It's nice out and I don't have to sweep, ha!

They kids played on their club house everyday!!

They were a little dangerous but had so much fun!

Happy Kids = Happy Mom!!

That finishes up our outside home tour!!

What is your favorite thing about your outside?  Where do you spend most of your time?

Bonnie :)


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