Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pared-down Christmas tree

For those of you who like the simple things in life, how about these pared-down Christmas trees? What I love about these is that the beauty is in the tree (or branch)  itself and what you stand it in - whether that's a demi-john, crate, tin bucket or a sack rather than what you actually decorate it with.



via Anna Leena's hem

Lisettes perler

Kjerstis Lykke blog

La petit cuisine
 What does your tree look like this year? Do you go for all singing, all dancing decorations or the simple scandinavian style like in these pictures? Perhaps you don't have a tree at all but opt for a more modern tree like in this post?!

What I love most about my tree this year is that we cut it down ourselves in the forest. Perhaps next year I'll go for something more asymmetrical and simple.......but I say that every year  :)


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