Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pretty Christmas: moss and boxwood

There's nothing like bringing in a little boxwood and moss into the home at Christmas. Last night I had a play around with some wire and moss and realised just how tricky some of the beautiful decorations you see on Pinterest can be, despite looking so simple! By the time I finished there was more moss on the table and floor than om my wreath! So I have borrowed some DIY tips from  Martha Stewart Living which have been expertly executed by Ashley Ann in the two images below. How pretty?

Ashley Ann Photography

Ashley Ann Photography

  And in case you're in need of more inspiration for greenery this Christmas, I love these ideas....

Via Luxe finds


Allt i Hemmet

This year I love the more simple wreaths, nothing fancy, just a little greenery and a pretty white candle.

I'm going to dash off quickly today as it's actually my birthday :) No one is more excited than my four year old who thinks there's going to be a full on party when she gets back from nursery, so I have to quickly rustle up a cake and some friends, what a lovely excuse! :)

Have a lovely day.


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