Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thinking About PostPartum Things...

... and thought I'd ask you all to "weigh in"... (pun intended... I'm nerdy like that.)  :-/

So, Lord willing, I'll be having our 6th baby in about 10 weeks, give or take three days from his due date if it's anything like our last few deliveries.  (He's having hiccups right now, FYI.)  :)

I've had some things on my mind concerning the postpartum time this go-round.  Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. How soon to jump back into Weight Watchers?  OR should I do something else?  I can't remember just now if I mentioned it last year, but from August 2011-March(ish) 2012, I lost about 35 pounds or so with Weight Watchers.  I've heard they have a breastfeeding plan, but I just want to know -truly- from those of you who may have done it/heard about it: does it affect milk supply?  I'm not one to even take the slightest risk of messing with milk supply issues... so lay it out for me.  Have you done WW while nursing?  Any thoughts for me?  (And PLEASE don't say things like "oh, you won't have to do anything; breastfeeding takes your weight off naturally."  I've had five babies... all exclusively nursed past 12 months--by exclusive I mean we've not ever supplemented with formula-- they do start solids anywhere from 6-10 months-- ... and my weight hangs on for dear life until I wean the baby.  Every time.)
  2. Have you ever done postpartum tummy wrapping?  I read this post about tummy wrapping, and this article about belly binding, and have been looking at reviews of products on, and am considering this Postpartum Support Girdle in particular.  Yes it is a touch pricey, but I bought and used one of those silly $15-20 postpartum wraps before (like the Medela one), and they bunch and pull and don't cover enough of my waist, and are an utter waste of money (in my experience), as they just don't stay on, and the velcro can rub against the skin and irritate it.  I'm sure body type plays into this... I definitely tend more toward the hourglass shape, and so the difference between my hip and waist measurement is pretty stark... so a straight "band" really isn't enough to put things back where they should be.  And, let's face it, six babies in, I need some stronger help getting things firmed back up.  So I'm willing to pay more if it delivers more and really WORKS to help firm things up more quickly.  Thoughts about that?  
  3. In case you're curious, here's my 30-week belly shot:
  4. Baby Wise-- I need to reread it!  Ack!  So much to do in the next 10 weeks.  I recently re-read my own series from when I blogged about Babywise with Moses, but I need to remind myself of the book itself and pull out my old trusty copy of Nursing Mother's Companion as well.  
  5. I'm trying to think what all we need to have for this new little guy... I've already been browsing thrift stores to fill in gaps of any clothes he might need (since he's a different season than most of my boys' clothes-- we have had three July boys, and one March boy-- some of the clothes won't fit him, seasonally).  I need/want a new carseat for him... the one we have is old and I want one that is well-suited to the vehicle we drive.  I also would like to have one of those video monitors for him... or at the very least, I need a good, reliable audio monitor.  Our house isn't huge, but the way it's laid out means that the room where he'll be sleeping (our bedroom, the first few months until he sleeps through the night consistently) is on the opposite corner of the rooms where we'll spend most of our time.  So- do YOU have a good recommendation for me for a RELIABLE monitor (audio or video?)
  6. Any other thoughts or questions for me?  Anything *you* think I should be thinking about?  

Thanks, if you made it thus far, and thanks EVEN MORE if you leave me some comments with your advice or thoughts about ANY of the above.  :) 


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