Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Feathery Fern

I love my feathery fern and so far, it loves me back. I have had other plants in its place over the past two years, but unfortunately, they didn't work out. 

That is the most polite way of saying that I did them in. 

Too much watering. 
Too little. 

There was the spider plant. 
And the Boston fern.

And of course, lots of fresh cut flowers like:  

Between the fresh cut flowers that always needed replacing, and the house plants that just didn't last long, it's nice to have a constant friend who asks so little, but offers such a wonderful and whimsical presence.

I don't know the botanical name of this fern, but it has happily grown three times its size since living with us.
And we're happy to have her. 


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