Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A romantic log cabin with a twist

With St.Valentine's day in two days time, let's go romantic! For me there are two things that epitomise romantic. One is small, thoughtful gestures such as a little love note left behind at breakfast, or helping to pull off each others muddy wellies. The other is a romantic get away in a rural rustic retreat complete with wood burning stove and a pair of cross country skis. This is why I love this cottage. Owned and renovated by Tobias Dahl and artist Emma Netterberg, this Swedish log cabin is in Dalarna, a county famous for the handcrafted Dalarna horse. Inside it's a unique blend of modern, folk and oriental and outside it sits high up on the Tällberg slopes with a view over lake Siljan and the Dala forests.

With kind permission from photographer Klas Sjöberg. Lantliv. Via Design Traveller

I love how Tobias and Emma have made the interior completely their own. What an extremely, lovely and romantic place to reside.

What is your idea of romantic?


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