Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to get into a Routine

I am taking the Organize Now! Organizing Challenge with some other bloggers and this week was organizing routines!! 

I beleive it is super important to have and keep a routine!   

We have a pretty simple and flexiable rountine but it works for us.  With having four kids and our season of life, it is vital that we have a scedule to works for us.  

I need it!  The kids need it!

Here is a sample of some of our routines.  Like I said, we are flexiable but we have one.

Morning Routine

I wake up each morning around 6:30am and nurse Andrew.

Then I make sure everyone is dressed and we head downstairs.

I make everyone protein smoothies.  I usually make a chocolate and banana one with ice because that's their favorite.

I love giving them fresh fruit and protein to start the day right.  I also give them vitamins.

 While they are drinking their smoothie, I get their lunch stuff together.

(I make it at night but I need to put everything in the lunchbox.)

After that, we brush our teeth, I do Grace's hair, and then we put on our shoes and coats.

We are out the door about 7:30am.

Evening Routine

We eat dinner around 5-6pm. (You can see what we eat here!)

Then we read, finish homework and get ready for bed.

After they are in bed, I clean up the kitchen, take a shower, make their lunches, check emails, and tidy up the house.  

After that, my husband and I like to relax together and talk.  It's so important for couple to make time for each other everyday! 

We haven't had cable/antenna for about 6 months so we don't watch TV but occasionally on a weekend, we will watch a movie.

Cleaning Schedule 

It it really important to keep a cleaning routine so you don't go crazy with chaos and you can keep your home neat and tidy.

You can check out my cleaning schedule here
(This post was featured in the Huffington Post!) :)

(this is a printable) 

How to Organize Your Mind

How to Organize your Priorities

How to Organize Yourself

Organized Closets

How are you doing with your organizing?  

Do have routines too?

Happy organizing!

Bonnie :)

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Check out the other women in the challenge!

Jennifer Dempsey
  • Jennifer Dempsey: Jennifer, the voice behind the blog Mother Thyme, is a mom of twins, writer, author of Holiday Thyme and food blogger. She is an avid cook with a passion of combining fresh ingredients with common items already on hand. When not chasing around her kids, she likes spending her free “thyme” in the kitchen whipping up simple and delicious recipes at Mother Thyme one bite at a time.

  • Linda DeFalco: Linda is a 30+ woman who lives together with her boyfriend in a 1,050 sq ft condo in Florida. She  loves organization but is inconsistent with how much time she spends on it due to the fact that she works so many hours in the corporate world. She is looking to find great ways to implement more organizational skills into her busy life. You can follow along with Linda’s organization journey at Tapas Lifestyle.

  • Pamela Dayton: Pamela is surprised to find herself raising a family in the same town where she grew up, and is finding it easier to call her 7th-grade-Spanish-teacher-turned-mother-in-law by her first name.  In addition to educating her four children at home, Pamela is the owner, and creator of pretty useful things at Revel Handmade Goodness and blogs at the Dayton Time.
Pamela is excited about being a part of this challenge because she has discovered it is much more fun to sit on the sofa in pajamas while knitting custom pretty things for other people, than it is to sort stuff out. She’s taking advantage of this challenge because she knows it’s way past time to get organized.

Bonnie Donahue: Bonnie Donahue is a wife and mother to 4. She has been blogging at House of Grace for 3 years and is the founder of Project Dream Int. She loves talking about cleaning tips, & tools, organizing with what you have, healthy foods that kids will eat, simplifying your life, working from home, family fun and weight loss secrets! She is a down-to-earth momma trying to stay organized in her busy world and sharing her success a long the way! Join her now.

Michelle McDermott Murphy: Michelle has been married for over 15 years to a very supportive husband. They have 3 children, two daughters ages 13 and 10 and a son who is 8. Each of the children participate on sport teams through out the year and are all active in mixed martial arts several times a week. Michelle has always worked full time outside of the home. With all the activities, the organization of the home has taken the hit — there are only so many hours in a day. Through the years, the clutter has become overwhelming and quite stressful. Michelle is accepting this challenge to get her home in order, have less stress in her life and enjoy her home even more than she does already!!  You can find Michelle’s posts at


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