Thursday, February 21, 2013

Living room love.

Just a little eye candy today for possible the most lived-in room in the house, the living room! This is where your lifestyle really dictates the arrangement of your space!

Like to have people over?  Multiple seating arrangements invite people to sit and chat.
via Sarah Gilbane

Like to snuggle?  These chairs would be great! Boyfriend would love it if we had recliner chairs, and I have to admit that they've come a long way since my grandfather's brown plaid velour recliner.  These twin seats pushed together look really cute, I think.  These days all major furniture stores, like  West Elm, have many options for putting together any sort of seating arrangement you'd like!

3 above via BHG

Lamps close to the sofa are a must for those who love to curl up with a good book!
via House Beautiful

This cozy and compact living room arrangement is great for movie night!
via Heart Home

What does your living room arrangement say about your lifestyle?

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