Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our "Before" New Home Tour

Today, I wanted to share a quick peek into our new "old" home! 

You can read our whole story HERE!

These are all pictures that we took before we bought it, while looking at it.

It is a hundred years old.  (The picture below is the "original" home.)

They added on the left wing and garage a few years ago.

I instantly feel in love with the front porch!!

This is the side of the house, next to the garage.

I am excited about my first real garden.  (The one on the right.)

This is a view from the other side from the front porch.

Here is a picture of the back of house.  I love that breakfast nook that comes out.

The people that live behind us have a brick wall "fence" and we love it!!  That is another one of my favorite things about this house.  It is sooo private that I feel like it's my secret garden something.

This is the back corner.

Here is a view of from the corner.

I also fell in love with this patio.  I can't wait until it's warmer and we can eat outside.

This is the view of the other backyard corner.

Let's go inside!!!
(These are not the greatest photos because I took them quickly while looking at the house.)

This is the view when you first walk in the house.  

(Never mind my hubby, just look at the molding, ha!)

As soon as you walk in, you can see the staircase going up.

I love the spindles.  Ok, I  love a lot of things about it...that's why we moved here, lol!

This is a view looking at the front door.

From the front door, if you turn left, you will see our living room.  

I LOVE the molding!!!

This is the dining room.

Here is another view of the stairs.

Here is the downstairs powder room.

Here is the kitchen.  I know, the colors are way off but you get the idea.

(Never mind the realtor.)

Horrible lighting but great kitchen.

It's funny because we already made so many changes that the house looks so different already.

This breakfast nook drives my wild because it's so cute! ;)

Here is a view of the kitchen from the family room.

Here is the family room.

Great fireplace!

It is actually very open which is great when you have 4 kiddos to run around.

This is the basement of the "new" part of the house.

This is the upstairs bathroom.  "Kids" bathroom.

The ceilings are HUGE!  I think they are 11 or 12 feet tall.  When the previous owners added on and updated this house, they also raised the roof.

They added vaulted ceilings in every room too.  This is Grace's room.

We turned this room into Michael's room.  I will show updated photos soon.

Matthew and Andrew share this room.

This is the master bedroom.

This is the master bathroom.

So there you go!

That is my "before" New Home Tour!

We have been so busy around here and our home already looks go different.  

You can find updated photos on my social media sites.

Have a great day!

Bonnie :)

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