Tuesday, March 26, 2013

4 Steps to an Organized Closet

I have a love/hate relationship with my master closet!

When it is "organized"  I love it and when it's not, I hate it!

Makes sense, right?

Well, I also have been know to keep it really clean and orderly....

 but then other times, I will let it explode.  

Yup, true story!  I can be a huge mess!!

It usually gets like that when I don't have a system or I just have too much stuff.

Well, my last closet was super organized!!  

I mean, all the time organized!

But....my new closet is too small for all my clothes and things were getting way out of control!

Oh yes, I could not walk in there and I was too scared to go in there anyway!

I decided that it was time!  

4 Steps to an Organized Closet

1. Take everything out

By that, I mean EVERYTHING!!!  Don't leave anything in it.  Also, you need to vacuum your closet while it's empty.  I threw everything on my bed so I was forced to get it done before bedtime.

I also put on so motivating music! :) :) :)  I can't work without it!

2. Sort and Make Piles

Sort through everything and make piles so you can take inventory!

3. Donate Unwanted Clothes

You don't need all your clothes....get rid of them!

My goal was to get rid of half!  I donated 3 garage bags and threw out 1 bag.  It felt great!!

I was taking the 40 bags in 40 days challenge.

4. Put Everything Back

Great job!!  

Now put everything back nice & organized!!

You will now have an organized closet and less laundry....plus you now have a great reason to buy a few new items.  Did you hear me?...only a few things!

I like to use baskets for storage because they are easy and they look great!

Ahh...space!!!  I actually enjoy seeing all the "white"!

I used a few white wire shoe storage racks.

So there you go!

Now, I challenge you to go organize your closet and come back and tell me how it went!

Ready, go....Good luck!

Bonnie :)


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