Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Few of My Favorite (Postpartum) Things

  1. Babywise. But perhaps you already knew that.  Except for one rough night last night due to a severely stuffy nose, Theo is sleeping well, only waking 2x a night, going 3-4 hours at a go (at night).  It's such a gift to be able to meet his needs and help him (and all of us) sleep well.   
  2. My Brest Friend-- seriously, the way this nursing pillow locks around the body with a buckle... I love it!  And is just the right height and firmness for supporting baby... It blows my mind. SOOOO much better than the Boppy or just doing it myself with a pillow. It allows me to focus on getting a good latch and nothing else.  Cheesy name aside, I truly love "my Brest friend". 
  3. Bellefit corset with zipper - yup. I'm loving it. Especially having diastasis recti since baby #1, I am completely astounded at how fast my stomach is looking like a normal stomach post-delivery. I'm so glad I bought two of them... One (a large) with a zipper for post delivery, and one without a zipper (a medium) for once I lose some weight but still want the extra toning. 
  4. BabyNursing app-- this app is so helpful for tracking how often baby is eating, how long they eat, and (my favorite) which side they started on last. I love the ease of this app-- and it's free!!  :). I interrupt this informative post to unabashedly ask you to admire the preciousness of my 11-day-old Theo.  Isn't he just exquisite?
  5. MyFitnessPal app-- they give you extra calories for breast feeding (you enter it like a food, FYI) and its definitely helping me to make thoughtful, deliberate choices on how to spend my calories each day.  
  6. this has been SUCH a blessing for the last two weeks... Every church should do this. And I love how they list out what everyone is bringing so that participants can bring a variety of dishes and really bless the receiving family. We have truly eaten good the last two weeks and I'm so thankful for our church family that has done so much to encourage and support us during this time with our new little guy. 
  7. Paternity leave. yup. Doug and I have enjoyed having time together as a family during all his newness. :)


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