Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to Organize a Small Home Office

Last week, I shared how I am taking the Organize Now! Organizing Challenge with some other bloggers and this week was organizing my home office....Which is actually part of my kitchen! 

I plan to put up some hanging files on the wall.  I haven't found the right ones yet but I am thinking about white ones.

I already had these drawers from Ikea and love them so they work for now.

I had this old table that fits for now but I would love a new desk.  My old desk is too deep for this spot. I can keep my file holder, copy machine, phone, (painted Laungerburger) basket.

I can keep pens and other little office stuff in here.

This is not the prettiest but it totally works! 

I have several files in here but I mostly use this for the kids' paperwork.

I use these drawers for all my files.

These files are for my business  and the other one is for our family files.

I still haven't filled all the drawers yet but I keep some pens, speakers, stickys, and my charger in here.

I have a "mail" drawer for my stamps & envelops. 

I also have a label maker, hole punch, ink, etc. in this drawer.

On another note...

My baby is getting so big and I started feeding him some avocados and eggs.  He loves the avocados and is still deciding about the egg.  I have been exclusively nursing him but I am giving him real food a couple times a week to start.  I also bought him this new highchair that hangs from the countertop from and love it.  I had one of these with the other kids but got rid of it and needed a new one.  I highly recommend one of these if you enjoy hanging out at your island.

He also has been teething lately.  He is 9 1/2 months with almost 5 teeth.

He also spends a lot of his time in his jumpy.

Organize NOW! Challenge

Week 1 Schedule

Week 2 Kitchen Cupboards

Week 3 Bedroom Closet

Week 4 Routines

Week 5 Papers/Files

Week 6 Pantry

Week 7 Entryway

Week 8 Memorabilia

Week 9 Medicine Cabinet

Week 10 Refrigerator

Week 11 Books, CDs, DVDs


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