Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Light


It was such a glorious day yesterday. We spent the last few hours of the day running around in the warm, late afternoon sun, and taking a few pictures of our familiar scenes. 

These trees by the guest house are where we hang the hammock. The ground beneath is carpeted with a wonderful clover ground cover - it's just an oasis of soft delicate sprouts under your feet. 

Which reminds me...I still need to do a post on the guest house exterior. 

Mt. Adams in Washington state. 

The mountains on the horizon are also in Washington state. 

Our beloved fence. 

I commented to Mike that sometimes the mountain reminds me of a renaissance portrait, whose eyes are with you wherever you are in the room. According to Native American legend, Pahto (Mt. Adams) and Wy'east (Mt. Hood) were sons of the Great Spirit. They competed for the love of the beautiful La-wa-la-clough (Mt. St. Helens). As the legend goes, Pahto became very sad when La-wa-la-clough went away. So maybe my sense of the Mountain's eyes are Pahto watching out for the return of his lovely maiden. 

The mountain is always the last to see the light at the end of the day. 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter. 


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