Monday, April 8, 2013

Sauna in Disrepair Turned Fitness Studio - Final Look

This little outbuilding used to be an old sauna. It was not functional when we bought the property. Rumor had it that it had almost burnt down several years back, and the makeshift stove, water heater and plumbing could only by described as 'a little scary' to borrow a sentiment from our home inspector. 

Below are the before photos of the interior after an initial clean. 

Classic varnished wood paneling.

Concrete floor. 
Hollow core veneer door. 

The back room had a nice tall vaulted ceiling. 

It also had a big concrete block with an old oil barrel turned wood stove in it, and the aforementioned plumbing, all of which Mike removed. 

We transformed the interior in a few phases over the years, but first we painted the pine paneling with Simply White by Benjamin Moore. We had some left over flooring from the wraparound porch that we used to install fir floors, which we recently painted platinum grey by Benjamin Moore. 
The blinds were also a recent addition. 

Mike used the old steam room benches to make shelves in the front room. 

He also insulated the ceiling in the vaulted room and added bead board over it. 
It's not pictured here, but the light in this room was rewired to go overhead with a small schoolhouse fixture. 

Our one and only TV, on which we play DVDs. 

The new Simpson door adds a lot of charm to the building. 
It goes nicely with the original six pane casement window. 

You can see my previous posts on the old sauna here and here

This post shows our last update last year. 


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