Monday, July 1, 2013

Vivian and Beverly Giveaway!

Today I am so excited to show of Laura - who started her own shop on Etsy called VivianandBeverly where she hand screen prints her own pieces for wall decor! She is giving away One Free Print Today!

Check out what Laura has to say:

Water Lilies - Teal Green

Tell us a little bit about your shop:
Here you will find original, hand-pulled screen prints. Some pieces are printed using a single color process while others are printed on top of a ""color-wash" painting. Occasionally, I also paint to enhance or highlight images on the printed surface, or to create a painterly effect. My subject matter originates from either my own photography or personal and public vintage photographs. All prints are signed on the back.

My shop name, "Vivian and Beverly," are the names of my grandmothers, who have always been a tremendous inspiration to my work. I believe there is no better way to honor there legacy than by naming my shop after them. - Laura

Running Flamingos - Metallic Dark Grey 

What got you started on etsy?
I am originally from the metropolitan area of Detroit, Michigan, and graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in December 1999. I worked as an artist and art conservator in New Orleans, Louisiana for several years before pursuing a career as a full-time artist. I am a wife to a Coast Guardsmen and proud mother of one. Having an Etsy Shop has been a monumental tool for my business as a military spouse because we must uproot and move every couple of years. Through Etsy, I can connect with people from all over the world without any need for a store front. Presently, my family and I reside in Long Beach, California.  - Laura
 Osa Johnson - Vintage Gold

What's your inspiration?
I have been fortunate to have incredible women in my life who have inspired me with their strength, courage, and resilience. In fact, this shop is dedicated and named after my beautiful grandmothers, Vivian and Beverly, who have been two of the most influential women in my life. My grandmothers have and continue to embody the very best of the American spirit; the ability to be a devoted wife and mother, yet remain independent, self-confident, and driven to be successful in other passionate pursuits in life. - Laura

How do you make these?
Naturally, I make use of these personal relationships in my artwork. My process begins by transferring an image onto a silkscreen using an ultraviolet light exposure process in which the image is burned into the screen. Then, I am able to print the image onto paper by pushing ink through the silkscreen using a squeegee. Printmaking and color have always been obsessions of mine since college; I simply love the process and anticipatory surprise when I see my image transferred to the paper for the first time. - Laura
Swan - Metallic Grey

What's your favorite part of owning your own shop?
I consider myself one of the lucky ones. When I am not running after my little one, I am in my home studio, printing and painting…I am living my dream – to create beautiful pieces to brighten up people’s lives and their living spaces – something that would make both of my grandmothers very happy to know. - Laura
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